As a Guru

Siddhaguru is the descendant of The Supreme God to establish morality and righteousness in this world and to give their grace on the needy. indeed Siddhaguru is the personification of love and esoteric knowledge . In other words, a spiritual Guru is more than a teacher. Further, Guru is primarily one’s spiritual guide, who helps one to discover the same potentialities that the Guru already realized.


As a Master Mind:

Siddhaguru is a divine embodiment with an outstanding intellect. In fact, Siddhaguru is an emblem of creativity. His inventive and innovative perception and strategic approach in the spiritual endeavor drives the devotee to a world of astonishment. All the spiritual accomplishments he starts, incline the devotees to the deeper levels of spirituality. His innovative ways make him the spiritual crusader.Similarly, Siddhaguru is undoubtedly an example of all these divine qualities and is leading a large group of devotees in the spiritual way.


As a Spiritual Architect:

Siddhaguru is driving the spiritual seekers towards the state of Divine Love from the state of preliminary devotion. He is giving solace to the devotees for their physical, mental and emotional problems. For this purpose he is using his divine healing power. Further, he is healing the crumbled hearts and minds and ultimately mending them towards a life of eternal peace. Siddhaguru healed Thousands of people in this way.



As a Designer:

For benefit of spiritual seekers, Siddhaguru has remarkably planned, designed and established Shiva Shakti Shirdi Sai Anugraha Mahapeetam. His devotees feel that Siddhaguru is an engineer in planning, an Architect in designing, a professional in composing. Similarly,he is a legend in creating, a director in planning and a commander in organizing the spiritual innovative events.
The devotees who take part in the spiritual events organized by Siddhaguru will experience happiness, leaving behind all their miseries and sorrows.

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As an Author:
Siddhaguru is an ardent devotee of Shiva, Shakti and Shirdi Sai Baba. For this reason, he has authored many spiritual texts reflecting the philosophy of a true guru, selfless love towards Shiva, Shakti and Shirdi Sai. In addition,Siddhaguru, with his inspirational thoughts, self-experiences and visionary writings has brought out the essence of the sacred teachings through his authored books. He has taken up an initiative of converging all the knowledge of Vedas into simple writings,so that even a common man can understand. He did a tremendous amount of research to deliver the facts in his books.


As an Orator:

Siddhaguru has started his spiritual campaign by delivering the discourses regarding the divine life of Shiridi Sai Baba in the name of “SHIRDI SAI TATHVA GNAANAMRUTHAM”. Above all, these discourses reveal the real intention of Sai Baba regarding the spiritual journey of the devotees in attaining eternal bliss. His discourses on Shiva Tatvam are imparting spiritual knowledge elegantly and mending the lives of many devotees to become disciples.
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As a Singer and Composer:

Music is the divine language which connects the devoted to the Supreme God. Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi says “Meditation on sound (OMKARA) is the universal path to Self -Realization. This technique is accessible to anyone, and appropriate to people of any religion or spiritual aspiration”. He has composed many tunes and songs and dedicated the songs to the divine lotus feet of the Supreme. The vibrant voice and the power in his voice is an extraordinary asset to the Siddhaguru.
Music, depending upon the composer, will have a potential impact and influence on the listener. His voice and musical compositions have the power of awakening the KUNDALINI and so his compositions are always unique. Similarly, his selection of Ragas and composition of songs give us an impression that some supernatural power is acting on him.Such powerful embodiment is Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi
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