shiva aradhana at mahapeetam

Shiva the five lettered word is beyond The Myth-The Nature-The Mind-The Intellect-The feeling. – Siddhaguru

At mahapeetam Devotees do Shiva Aradhana  every day.

Sahasra Shiva Linga Pratishta:

Siddhaguru has planned to consecrate 1008 Shiva Lingas representing each Shiva namam in Siva Sahasra nama (1008 names of Shiva). The consecration of 776 Shiva Lingas of 3 feet height have finished.

In mahapeetam you can find 3 feet golden shiva linga, 3 feet sphatika shiva lingam and 23 feet single stone bana siva lingam and 12 Jyotirlingas. Besides this there are 3 feet  black, white marble and Bana lingams. Star-shaped open hall contains 100 Veda Shiva lingas around 6 feet statue of Shiridi sai baba. The devotees have the privilege of performing daily shiva aradhana for example abhishekam and aarthis at mahapeetam.

Shiva Ratri:
Shivaratri celebrations at Mahapeetam stand as a testimony of maha Madura bhakti in other words pure divine love of Siddhaguru towards Lord Shiva. Many join 24 hour long Shivaratri celebrations. As a result,divine ecstasy that transforms them into an everlasting feeling of Shivoham means ‘I am that’. In this Kali Yuga, there is no worship better than the worship of the lord Shiva lingam on Maha Shiva Ratri day to seek the blessings of Parama Shiva.  Siddhaguru is performing the most powerful “Parama Shiva Visesha Aradhana Maha Yagnam” during 2012 to 2019.

 Click Here to watch Abhishekam to 63 feet Shiva lingam by Siddhaguru on Maha Shiva Ratri -2019