Siddhaguru started “Shiva Shakti Shirdi Sai Anugraha MahaPeetam in 2014, at Nagireddypalle, Bhongir, Telangana   and  named  as Ramaneswaram.

Siddhaguru idea is to promote quality of humankind ideas with service, love, peace and compassion. The sole aim of  Siddhaguru is transforming the people at large for the spiritual welfare of the society. The Mahapeetam will provide sanctum, where spirituality encompasses every action, truth attains a personality. Divine love becomes an all-pervading reality and peace becomes an eternal constant companion. Above all ,This is a space filled with positive energy, rejuvenate and harmonize the mind & body.

Mahapeetam is an appropriate place for sadhana and  meditation . Siddhaguru felt a need to provide mahapeetam to enhance the spiritual, mental wellbeing and thirst for self-realization to the spiritual seekers across the globe

Siddhaguru included the following in the Mahapeetam Golden Shiva linga temple , Triambakeswar sai , Sphatika shiva linga .  Besides this , It also includes Pravachan auditorium, Shaktipat Auditorium , Homashala and Veda Patashala . Similarly mahapeetam has  Library , Dining Hall ,Garden, Hospital , GoShala , Recording Theatre , Printing press , Rest House for Disciples, Dormitories and Studio