Aanandha Theertha

Ananda Teertha as named by Siddhaguru is the latest attraction of Ramaneshwaram. Surrounded in a serene atmosphere amidst 232 Jala Shivalingas, 28 Nakshatra Shiva lingas, 9 Navagraha Shiva lingas, 12 Raashi Shiva lingas, 8 Ashtamurti Shiva Lingas, 5 Panchabhootha Shiva Lingas and 4 Veda Shiva Lingas, Ananda Teertha is truly a sight to behold especially in the night with its exquisite carvings, fountains and lights. This latest entry marks the end of Siddhaguru’s Sahasra Linga Pratistha project. Siddhaguru has also consecrated idols of  Sri Sai Baba, Sri Dakshinamurthy, Sri Adiparashakti, Sri Panchamukha Sadashiva and Buddha to commemorate this unique project.

The 30 feet Akasha Shiva Lingeshwar is a vision which adds divinity to this exquisite teertha. Besides this, Siddhaguru has also consecrated 7.5 feet Copper Shiva Linga and 3 feet Crystal Shiva Linga to glorify for years to come.

Siddhaguru named jala linga Sarovara as Ananda Teertha because Whoever dips in Ananda Teertha will get Happiness and gets rid of their all problems.