Sahasra Shivalinga Pratishta:

Lord Shiva associates with Moksha which is a relief from the cycle of birth and death. By moksha, Shiva takes all spiritual seekers out of the illusionary world of kama, krodha, moha, mada, lobha and maatsaryam and making us know who we are and what our true purpose of existence is. That is the reason the ancient Rishis of India and seers have prescribed Shivalinga prathishta. Siddhaguru with the same goal, makes every spiritual aspirant/ seeker/ disciple to get a divine power and blessings from Lord Shiva to gain the ultimate moksha through Shivalinga prathishta. Hence, Sahasra Shivalinga Prathishta (Consecration of 1008 Shiva Lingas) is a significant program started Maha Peetam. As part of Sahasra Shivalinga Prathishta, Siddhaguru has consecrated 762 Shivalingas so far in the Ashram.

The significance of consecrating Banalingas, White Marble Shivalingas and Black Marble Shivaling is-

Banalinga is a stone not carved by artisans but it is something that forms these stones on the bed of the Narmada river. All the pebbles rolling on the river bed take the shape of the Formless Lord Shiva. Swayambhu Linga is also another name to BanaLinga, and it is a divine energy tool and a sacred symbol, both in ancient and modern world.

White Marble Shivalinga is beneficial for the people with a suicidal tendency. Worshiping this Shivalinga removes the negative thoughts and improves concentration levels and also increases the mental stability.

Black Marble Shivalinga–Hinduism deeply roots in the practice of Yoga and Meditation. Yoga refers to the integration or Union of a person’s own consciousness with the Supreme Reality or cosmic consciousness. The Black Marble Shivalinga represents the evolution of consciousness. It is in Ajna Chakra and it is the key to the greater spiritual dimensions of life.

Gold Shivalingam

Gold Shiva linga has its own significance. One who worships this Shiva linga will gain 8 prosperities and other material benefits. Spiritually they gain eternal knowledge and finally attain liberation. Brahma always wears this Lingam and worships SHIVA.
During,  “Shirdi Sai Shatabdi Aradhana Guru Maha Seva”, As a guru Dakshina to Shirdi Sai Baba by Siddhaguru, is consecration 3 feet Gold Shivaling in the name of Shirdi Sai Baba at Ramaneswaram, Shiva Shakti Shirdi Sai Anugraha Mahapeetam. It is an ornament to Ramaneswaram. This charming Shiva linga is always a great attraction of devotees.
Siddhaguru consecrated the Gold Shiva linga on 2017 September 30. Devotees perform every day abhishekam at Ramaneswaram with complete surrender.

Spatika Shivalingam

Spatika Shivaling worship Fulfills all wishes.  Laxmi Devi always worships Shiva wearing this Linga. As a result, Worship of this Shiv Linga results in wealth,brilliance, Goodwill, honor, and all pleasures.

During, “Shirdi Sai Shatabdi Aradhana Guru Maha Seva”, As a bow to Shirdi Saibaba on behalf of all devotees, Siddhaguru consecrated 3 feet Spatika Shivaling in the name of Shirdi Sai at Ramaneswaram, and dedicated to Shirdi Sai Baba and Lord Shiva. In other words, it shows Siddhaguru devotion and Love towards Shirdi Saibaba and Lord Shiva.

Siddhaguru consecrated the Spatika Shiva linga on 2017 November 13th. Devotees perform every day abhishekam at Ramaneswaram with complete surrender.