Shirid sai baba aradhana in mahpeetam

Shirdi Sai Baba is a Spiritual Guru who is Guru Samrat, a Parama guru and an incarnation of the Supreme. All the religion people used to like him during and after his life.Many Devotees and spiritual seekers experienced the real existence of life in his presence. His moral code is a guru to be the only goal in one’s life. Thus no one can explain the glory of guru.

Siddhaguru conducts special puja and abhishekam to Shirdi Sai Baba at Mahapeetam resulting in reducing negativity and destroying disciples’s sins. Shiridi sai baba aradhana in mahpeetam is a feast to eyes.

23 feet Ramana Sai Lingeswara

Siddhaguru has immense divine love on Shiridi Baba. Thus he consecrated 23 feet Ramana Sai Lingeswara in the name of Shiridi sai baba on the completion of Shiridi sai shatabdi celebrations. 23 feet Ramana Sai Lingeswara is world’s tallest single stone Bana linga.

Triambakeshwar Sai

The star of the Mahapeetam ‘ Triambakeshwar Sai  ‘ has his divine seat in the form of a star surrounded by the 100 Vedic Lingas. Consecrated by Siddhaguru on 2018 October 18, it marked the ending of the ‘ Shirdi Sai Guru Seva Maha Aaradhana’. 


The ritual of Dhuni has a lot of importance in Shri Sai Baba’s life. Udi gained from the holy fire pit created miracles when Sai had distributed to people. This ritual still plays an important role in Shirdi.
Taking a further step in his Guru’s lineage Siddhaguru, propitiated the ‘Shiva Shakti Sai Agni Kundam’  on 2017 September 30. The other name is Dhuni. The ambience of the Dhuni showers blessings of Sai and Siddhaguru. Besides this,Dhuni clears illnesses and negativity.