goshala in mahapeetam

Goshala in Mahapeetam is for protection of cows and maintain a hygienic environment.  Goshala in mahapeetam  focus on treating cows well . Even the science and scientists accept the benefit of serving cows. Similarly, Indian mythology believes that the Cow’s body is an abode of 33 Crore Gods. Hindus believe cow in other words Kamadhenu is a sacred mother. Cow nurtures health and well–being.

Cows are the life of creatures. According to Sanatan Hinduism, serving the cow destroys all the troubles, worries, tensions, misery and bad deeds. Cows have been the backbone of Indian families and the agriculture system and are also a significant contribution to human civilization ever since ancient Indian civilization.

Mahapeetam sevaks use Cows milk  for daily  Abhishekam of 762 shiva lingas which are part of sahasra shiva linga pratishta     and     100  shiva lingas in Star shaped mandapam