nakshatra vanam

Nakshatra vanam in Mahapeetam :

Every person born on earth will belong to any of  27 stars in astrology.  By worshiping and growing these trees creates a healthy and spiritual persons. The planted nakshatra trees will get good results as they grow.

It is also scientifically proved that sitting under shade of a tree, will rejuvenate and trees cures any illness.  Get relaxation to mind similarly to the body from prana Shakti from trees. Besides, astrology clarifies that the person can be free from depression, sickness, physical problems by planting a tree related to birth star.

The trees are an inarticulate life and they are all the forms of God. Serve the trees by watering them, clearing and protecting their roots, manuring them. Based on astrological and medicinal aspects, Nakshatra Vanam has many rare plants with medicinal values. This Vanam helps astrologically while sitting and meditating under the tree based on one’s Nakshatra (Birth star).

Devotees as a divine service instructed by Siddhaguru planted many trees and named it as Nakshatra vanam in Ramaneswaram.

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