20350 Veda Mantras-20350 Havan Kundas.

God bestowed Vedas- The knowledge of Enlightenment to Mankind. Vedas are today available due to penance of ancient Maharshi’s and Saints. It is the basis and only authentication for Sanatana Dharma and all Shastras. Vedas are for everyone. It is said that everyone can perform Havan with Vedic Hymns. Vedas are the boon given by God to all. The only God pronounced by Vedas is Lord Shiva.

The hymns in Vedas are 20350. Rigveda has 10,522 Hymns. Yajurveda has 1976 Hymns. Samaveda has 1875 Hymns. Atharvaveda Veda has 5977 Hymns. The summation is 20350.

To propagate Vedic knowledge to the world; to gain the grace of Lord Shiva by chanting Vedic hymns. A 20350 formula is being initiated by Mahapeetam in presence of SIDDHAGURU on SHIVARATRI-2018 FEB 13th. This formula includes, performing “Paramashiva-Parashakti Ashtaishwarya Poorna Anugraha Maha Havan” with 20350 Kundas by 20350 devotees with 20350 Vedic Hymns.

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