Shivaratri Maha Upasana-2018:

Shivaratri- The day that stands for remembrance of Lord Shiva as the Supremo of all. Shivaratri is that night which grants auspiciousness and supreme happiness. Shastras state that there is no Vrata (sacred ritual of worship) equivalent to Shivaratri Vrata which destroys all the sins. Shivaratri is the night which removes delusive knowledge, infatuated knowledge, untrue knowledge and grants true knowledge and royal path. The night that reminds the entire world once in a year that SHIVA is the Ultimate, Prime and Supreme God, is Shivaratri. Shivaratri – is one that is direct authentication and proof to declare that SHIVA is the Ultimate of Gods.

Siddhaguru to make contemplate devotees the almighty-Lord Shiva every second conducted Parama shiva Maha Upasana, a 10 day Shiva Maha Upasana from 2018 Feb 5th to 2018 Feb 14th by consecrating 63 feet “ VEDA SAI MAHALINGESWARA”.

This Maha Upasana includes devotees Abhishek Pooja to 517 Shivlings, 7 different Havans, and “Paramashiva-Parashakti Ashtaishwarya Poorna Anugraha Maha Havan” with 20350 Kundas by 20350 devotees with 20350 Vedic Hymns.

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