“The goal of any disciple in his spiritual life is the divine grace of a Siddhaguru. The definition and glory of Siddhaguru is unlimited in writings”

                                                             – Siddhaguru



Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi was born on 23rd April 1968, at Kappatrala, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. He was born to Late Shri Guduru Narasaiah & Late Smt. Nagamma. He was the youngest of sixteen children and his name was as GV Ramanaiah.


The Spiritual Life:



“The real Spiritual life is being a witness to the happening Karma in our life with Superior Consciousness”



Spirituality attracted me at a very young age and my spiritual journey began at 9 by worshiping Goddess Kanaka Durga.  After my mother’s death, I couldn’t come out of the affection on her and used to visit her tomb every day. Because of my affection, I offered pooja to her tomb for 3 years. Every day I went, I used to see craniums beside her tomb implying “Whosoever may be, the final destination of anyone is a cemetery.”

Dispassion started in my Engineering at 20. As a result Whenever I opened the books, my inner soul used to question me, ‘Is this the purpose of existence of human life?‘ After that My mind used to revolve around the objects of God’s creation rather being conscious about my worldly life.
In 1994, I went to Tirupathi for darshan of Lord Venkateswara. When I stepped into the  temple, a hymn “Om Namah Shivaya” entered my ears and made me experience the unknown consciousness.

I chanted this hymn and in no time reached the state of “Mantra siddhi”. In other words a state where the External Conscious mind chants the hymn with Inner Consciousness.



Guru Krupa hi Kevalam:

“He himself is solely responsible for his karma and the sin accrued cannot be escaped”

-Shiridi Saibaba

Siddhaguru: April 1994 was a divine month in my life. It was the time where Guru Samrat Shirdi Saibaba entered my life.  One evening while buying photos of Hindu deities, a person holding Shirdi Saibaba picture requested me to buy it. The moment I saw Baba’s photo, I felt a different world around me, a world of happiness, and a state of ecstasy.     I purchased the picture.

When I was in deep sleep, my room suddenly became illuminated. Saibaba had manifested out of the illumination and divine splendour and he walked towards me. Because of his grace, I was in misery free world. My consciousness motivated me to have a deeper insight of Shirdi Sai Baba.

Moreover, my father’s death, made me dispassionate towards worldly pleasure. As a result inclination towards realizing the Self, developed in me.


“You are the nature of consciousness, aspect of great joy, the pure form, the transcendent bliss, not the worldly you. You are the inner you.”



On June 29th 1995  my materialistic life ended and my spiritual austerity began.  It is the day of Self-Realization in my life. It happened in Goddess Kanakadurga temple where my initial spiritual journey began. Unknowingly my eyes closed, Kundalini awakened and reached Crown Chakra (The-Sahasrara).

I was in a different world of ecstasy for two and half hours. In other words,The state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the state of being united with the Supreme. This state lasted for 21 days and created a transition in my lifestyle. The real philosophy of spirituality had unfolded in me .

In Himalayas:

Himalayas are the hidden place of true spirituality. It is the home for many Sadhus and gurus who remain in the austerity of self-realization. Siddhaguru after attaining self-realization in 1995 went to  Himalayas to validate his Samadhi experience with other Siddhagurus.

Siddhaguru – The period between 1995 to 1998 was the tenure of philosophical discussions in my life. I went to Himalayas and met many Sadhus and Sadgurus to share my Samadhi experience . I read many shastras during this journey and visited many holy places.


Siddhaguru married Vijaya Laxmi on 8th March 1995 and was blessed with two daughters Jyothirmayi Bhavani & Sai Shivani.